For unassigned tickets being closed, assign the ticket to agent closing it

  • 20 November 2014
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Hi folks,

Anyone know of a way to auto-assign tickets being closed to the agent doing the closing? I'm not seeing an option for this in Dispatch'r and was wondering if anyone else had seen a way to do this (or I'm doing it wrong and should consider trying something related but different).


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3 replies

Hey Lee,

The Dispatch'r basically helps you perform tasks on newly created tickets.

Try creating an Observer (event-based) rule that gets triggered when a ticket is closed. I've attached a screenshot of the rule here. Hope it helps!

Have a good one!


PS  I'm also attaching a PDF that explains other automation features. I'm sure you'll find it helpful :)


This was exactly what I was after. Thanks for your excellent advice.

Glad I could help, Lee :)