Frehservice Alerts integration with SolarWinds

  • 2 September 2021
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I’m having difficulties configuring the integration between Freshservice Alerts and SolarWinds.

I used this documentation:

When trying to simulate the alert SolarWinds says that ‘action executed successfully’ but the test alert is not created in the alerts section in Freshservice.

API reference at shows CURL examples only for tickets, changes etc. but not for Alerts.

Can anyone suggest how can I debug the configuration using CURL or some other method?

Has anyone successfully configured the integration with SolarWinds? 

Any gotchas you experienced during the integration setup?



I’m not a developer. 



Best answer by Glavin Crasta 5 September 2021, 19:51

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Hi @JiriGrohmann ,

The endpoint URL for Alerts module would be available within the alert integration profile itself. Please enable Alert management on your instance. Post that go to Alert profiles → New profile → Add integration and choose SolarWinds. You would get the API and authorization credentials as below under step 4.

You could try out the alert initially from Postman by triggering a POST message to the Alert endpoint given in step 4 and adding the authorization header as well. Post the body from the suggested template from step 1 in above page.

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Hello, @Glavin Crasta ,

thanks. It turned out that the ‘copy’ button in the ‘Auth header’ omits the word ‘Authorization’


As soon as I amended the command as per below SolarWinds started triggering alerts.

<“C:\Program Files\curl-7.78.0-win64-mingw\bin\curl.exe -X POST -H "Authorization: auth-key XXX ….”>

Credit also goes to Raja Pavankumar from FS support who helped to the missing ‘authorization’.

@Glavin Crasta and yes, looks like I’ll have to start using Postman - thanks for pointing that out.