Freshdesk as a Purchase Order tracker

  • 4 November 2014
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Good afternoon

I've been looking to improve our internal purchase order systems to something more trackable than the current manual spreadsheet system. I'm looking at a couple of hosted systems, but it crossed my mind that Freshdesk may be able to do this for me. We already use it for support and are very happy with it.

Has anyone used it as an purchase order tracker or something similar and if so, could you give me some tips on how you've set it up to work.


Michael Plant

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1 reply

Interesting question, Michael!

In short, Freshdesk could be used to track purchase orders considering the level of customization it allows for ticket fields etc. If you could tell me some common use cases in your current system, I might be able to suggest specific Freshdesk features that you might find useful.. or give you a more specific answer.

Have a good one!