Freshservice - Column Choosers Don't Show all Fields

  • 18 February 2023
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In all of the different modules that show a grid, like Inventory, Tickets, Changes, Problems, is there a way to add columns that are not listed in the Column Picker to the view?

For instance, in the Inventory grid, I would like to show Serial Number, but it is not an option in the Column Picker.  If we create a custom field, can those be added to the column picker?




This is true across all other modules.  




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2 replies

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I'd suggest to submit a feature request, and share it here in order we could vote for it, as this is a must,  at least for the SN in Assets.




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Hi Malokt


In the inventory you have to select the relevant asset type before selecting the column to show. 

Serial number is only relevant to hardware so you cannot pick it as a column for all assets as some assets do not have serial number. 

first select hardware (or any sub category after hardware) and then the serial number should appear..

All custom fields will appear in the column picker dependant where you put your custom field, and you must select your asset type first.