Freshservice community

There seems to be a new, underground online community of Freshservice users where you get to discuss anything and everything about IT or Freshservice or both. 

Who would like an early invite? :)

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I would, please!

include me please

Corey, Grant,

I have added you gentlemen to the invite list. You will be hearing about this soon!



Add me too please, if it's not too late.

Absolutely, Justin. :)

We are working on the last few elements. You will hear from us soon. 




If possible, I would also like to be added to this.  Hopefully I am not too late.  

Can we still request access to this? I'd like to, if possible. :)

As above, me too !

Thank you everyone for waiting patiently. All of you will be getting a mail which will have the exclusive invite to the community and other details about this initiative. I look forward to seeing you all there. Cheers :).

I would like to be part of this as well.

could you add me to the list please?

I am interested as well.

Ill take an add - thanks!

me too

Put my name in the hat please.

Me too

Room for another? :)

 I'd like to be added as well. Thanks!

Can I please be added?

Please add me, too. Thank you.

Please add me!

Any news on when this will roll out? 

Please add me

Ill take an invite as well