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  • 30 November 2021
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Hopefully this is a simple answer. I did a search but found nothing helpful.

We have a Freshservice form that we’ve set up for customers to fill in when requesting a new workspace be set up in an IT platform we use and there are a limited number of colour options available. We would like to include an image/screenshot of those options in the form so that we no longer get specific colour requests that we have to respond to, i.e. ‘Can we have it in Mint Green?’ No, but we can do just Green.

I’ve looked at the form creator but can’t see an easy way of adding an image in. Is this possible? If so, could someone explain to me how I do it.

1 reply

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This is achievable and i guess this is what you are looking


In Admin console, under the Service Catalog, open up your form and hower over the image area, you get an option to upload an image.



and while you are actually submtting a request for this form, this is how it looks like.


hope this helps.