Freshservice - Liquid placeholders for multilingual portal

  • 21 October 2021
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How can I use this example in freshservice, when customizing portals.

I want to identify which language the current user has set when customizing portals.

{% if portal.current_language.code == "en" %}
We are here to help!
{% elsif portal.current_language.code == "fr" %}
Nous sommes ici pour aider!
{% elsif portal.current_language.code == "de" %}
Wir sind hier um zu helfen!
{% endif %}

Thanks for any help.
The value is just simply not set when I print it out in the portal using liquid in freshservice, while it is set in freshdesk. Is that just a inconsistency? If so - When will this be available. The documentation in freshservice actually refers to this FreshThemes Guide for Freshdesk

1 reply


For anyone finding this thread - The solution is portal.user.language