Freshservice Paid for themes - Are you using them?

  • 16 July 2022
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Hi Guys

Just wanted to gauge what the up take on using third party Freshservice themes is. I don't have the coding skills (or time) to DIY it and really don't like the out of the box look so I am debating going with one of the Breezy Themes. Do any of you use Breezy Themes and can share any thoughts or opinions?



4 replies

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@mythumbsclick ,

Once we bought a theme from Breezy, they will provide support if you want to change the UI also later.
But found it a bit expensive though.


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@mythumbsclick we got a consultation once.  I would say about 80%+ of their effort is towards Freshdesk.  There was nowhere near enough flexibility with what I would want to do if I was seeking paid services.

There is an update coming later this year I believe that will allow us the ability to manipulate Freshservice in a GUI rather than via HTML code.  I’m holding off doing any updates to our portal until that comes out. 

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@mythumbsclick We used breezy themes and were very satisfied with their work. They also helped us to create some filtered views so we could have different presentations of our KB articles based on the business units that hosted them. If you have a really good vision of how you would like your end product site to look it can go a long way. 

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Have to say, I agree with Zebb.

Breezy wasn’t able to do what I wanted (custom content displayed based on user job titles and whether a user is logged in or not). The themes look nice but I was able to do what I needed myself, though it doesn’t look nearly as pretty as their pages.