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  • 6 April 2022
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I recently switched from Manage Engine Service Desk Plus (MESDP) to Freshservice.  One very disappointing issue which I was told wasn’t going to be an issue by sales (go figure) is that in MESDP you could create a project and invite as many viewers to your project as you wanted, you could even assign users outside of your department, outside of your company tasks to complete.  It was also very easy to report on, scheduled HTML IN LINE reports that would come to your desk daily.


I could be wrong and if I am please tell me, but in freshservice each person has to have license to edit, view, be assigned tasks, etc.  And reporting is USELESS.

I have had to scrap using Freshservice for project management, but I couldn’t go ask for MORE money so I am using Microsoft Planner tied to a sharepoint page.   It works, but I still wish for integrated project management that was usable and didn’t require me to license half the company to use effectively.

Mainly a rant, so that maybe someone will fix it - someday.

1 reply

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Hi @TecDragon, Freshservice also has a project management add on license available at a reduced cost. It would still not be free but you can involve users to collaborate on projects at approx 15$ per license. These licenses can also be rotated to other users once the project ends. On reporting, you do get an option to schedule project reports to non licensed members as well.