Freshservice - Reporting on the tickets not resolved by the initial group

  • 5 October 2020
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 One of the targets we are trying to improve is the resolved at first contact however, I need to report on the tickets that are being reassigned to other groups including the subject, who assigned it and the date, I can't seem to find a way to do it, does anyone have a solution?

4 replies

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Hi @Julie @zachary.king , Within Analytics, we would be able to report based on the “Created By” option in the tabular data as well as on the filter options. This should provide you with the data of how many tickets have been created by the agents.

Though we don’t have a dedicated metric available to capture the reassignment date and time for each group reassignments, Analytics offers metrics like Group Reassign count and Agent Reassign count which can be used to identify the tickets which have been transferred between multiple groups. You can also try configuring the Time Spent reports within Analytics which can help you with detailed insights around the time spent in each status and respective groups individually. You can refer to this solution article for more information on this:


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Hello @Julie  I can tell you how we solved this problem of who created the ticket. However, it is not intuitive and may not work in your situation. 

I created a custom field for tickets called “Created By”. I then built a custom application for freshservice that runs in the background of the New Ticket page. This application gathers the logged in Agent and populates that agent’s name in the custom Created By field through an API request. In our instance tickets that are created manually are always created by the individual who is logged into their account in freshservice. Basically saying an Agent wouldn’t be sitting at another Agen’t computer and generating tickets.

Since the custom field collects data, our supervisor is able to report on that field seeing how many tickets are resolved by the agent in the “Created by” field vs who the agent is assigned when the ticket is closed. It also gave us a way of seeing how many tickets were being re-assigned.

I also believe that this metric should be something available from data with in freshservice out of the box.

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@Julie yes, this is definitely an important metric. Recent research shows that circa 25% of tickets might be being bounced between resolution groups with this having an adverse effect on employee productivity.

I am also trying to track this metric.  It’s frustrating that the creator of the ticket is not a visible field (nor tracked by the product, apparently).