Freshservice - Translating custom objects on portal? / Localization

  • 22 March 2022
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Doing some final touches on our portal and it is related to languages. How do you handle the localization of custom additions to your front end portal?

I’ve created some custom cards, and it looks like the translation .yml-s I uploaded do not affect them. Our primary language is Danish, with supported English, Norwegian, and Swedish.

I’ve tried setting up a custom Javascript translator for the objects but I can only get it to respond to the browser language, so this means e.g. I can have a Danish user with their browser in English, which makes their custom objects English, and the general portal language to be Danish:

So in my case I am looking for a way to read the current language set for Freshservice via Javascript, so I can run my translator on that rather than the “navigator.userLanguage || navigator.language”, if any of you know how to get that it would also be super helpful :)

1 reply

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Hi ,


You have added custom cards in your end-user portal and certain words on the end-user portal are not getting translated. To solve this , I believe you are trying to create a Javascript Translator which would aid you translating the words in the custom cards.


We would suggest you reach out to the Freshworks Developer community , where someone with relevant expertise would be able to help you out on the same. The link to the developer community can be found here