Fully automating fulfillment

  • 27 August 2021
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Just saw this in the suggestions, which maybe would have helped, but I didn’t attend (did this get recorded?)


But my scenario is this - we have catalog items (software, specifically) which are opt-in, but require no approvals or manual input at all.  Using Workflow Orchestrator, we’re able to handle the tickets, even do the app provisioning, close the ticket, and so on.  The one thing we can’t seem to do is actually trigger the license allocation - the equivalent of hitting the “Fulfill Request” button on the service item.

When you hit the button, the browser makes a call to “/api/_/fulfill_service_request” but this doesn’t work from an API client, and I presume wouldn’t work in Orchestrator either…

Has anyone managed to fully auto-fulfill service items? What am I missing?

1 reply

Did you ever find an answer for this? I’m running into the same issue.