Getting a response out of FreshService Support

What's the scoop guys? 

#294926 Chat with Mike Kozak on Thu, 11th Jun 2015

Been sitting for a month, with tickets about the same issue older than that.  Asking for updates, just sits there open.  

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I've also got to say I'm rounding the bend on completely fed up with your support staff.  

I'll inquire about something that's been looked after for days, the people will not even read the ticket and send me a link to the API docs when there's an outstanding issue that was waiting for a developer reply.  

There's a bare minimum expectation here of support staff having basic communication skills.  As of now, it appears they do not.

Getting old fast.


Looks like there has been some miscommunication and delays from our end.

I am looking into this and will make sure you get the updates and the answers you are looking for,as soon as possible.

Maljeev Rafi

Manager - Customer Support