Hack: Version control on changes to Ticket Automator Workflows

  • 1 February 2022
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I’ve made a ton of Automator Workflows for Tickets and I realized pretty quickly that if I didn’t include some version info no one but me would ever be able to work on them (to improve or repair).

So I use the Description field as you can see below - each time I make a change I update the field by:

  • increment the version number
  • include the date 
  • include at least a little detail about what’s changed

After awhile those 500 characters run out so I have to truncate the field but I didn’t want to lose all that history so I created a spreadsheet where I hold all the truncated info.



I did this in both Fresh Desk and Fresh Service which is what we now use.

Anyone else have any cool hacks to share?

2 replies

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Hello @BrynCYDEF, I use changes and releases in freshservice as a way to monitor how I administer the platform. Workflow automator creation or updates come in as Feature Requests. I also have leveraged a workflow that communicates with Azure DevOps so that I can track all of this on my backlog. And to spice it up even more, I use MS Power Automate to send approvals in MS Teams for when it requires supervisor approval before making changes to production. Love the power of the platform and getting creative makes it more fun in my opinion :sunglasses:


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Hmm that is some next level thinking @zachary.king  -- we have those elements too (Azure DevOps and Teams)!  Thanks for the info!