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  • 9 February 2021
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The new header and navigator look great, until I have the look at the whole giant bar.  Is there a way to get the compact bar on all screensizes?

7 replies


This new “look” is horrible. The bar on the left automatically collapses or expands based on my screen width, which makes it impossible to remember how I want to show it. Then the ticket listing itself is centered on my screen instead of left-justified, making it terribly clumsy for larger resolutions. The whole ticket system is now a mess in 2560x1600 or 4k resolutions.


WTF, Freshworks? This is a disaster. Don’t mess with something that was working well. Please REVERSE this or give us the option to reverse it in our ticket systems. :rage:


Who at Freshservice thought this was a good idea?



2560x1600 looks horrible with centered listing and unnecessary wide margins…


Yes, let’s please have the option to minimise the navigator regardless of screen resolution setup!

Hi All,

Anyone else missing the SLA reorder button since this went live? 

Old UI: 

New UI:


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It looks like they changed the left panel collapse, which is appreciated.

Anyone else seeing the?

The new header and navigator design is visually appealing, but the large bar size is a concern. To achieve a compact bar on all screensizes, you can explore responsive design techniques. Implementing responsive CSS styles or using media queries can help adjust the header and navigator to a more compact size based on different Pak Navy screensizes, ensuring a consistent experience across devices.