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  • 30 March 2015
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We are new to freshservice (still technically in the trial period) and are trying to figure the best way to automate tickets coming in to the queue.  We have multiple offices and would like to have a local agent be assigned the call.  We have setup multiple agent groups and dispatch'r rules to assign the ticket to the correct group based on the requester's location.  The problem is that we also want to automate the category, priority and other info, but once the first rule is applied the other rules don't process.  

We we just wondering if there is a better way to handle this situation.



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4 replies

Hi Mark, 

Welcome to the community! You should be able to trigger multiple actions when a condition is met. If you have different conditions with different actions you will need to create additional rules. We have quite a few rules and once they are configured we rarely have to go back so it really is not bad as it sounds.


The problem is that the other rules never run.  Here is the first rule that assigns the ticket to the agent group:

Then we have another rule to look for a key word to set other metadata on the ticket, but it never runs because the first rule already ran:

So it seems like to get this to work I would need to replicate every rule 4 times for the 4 agent groups we have.  That seems very cumbersome, unless I am missing something.

Interesting - we have never had the need for consecutive dispatcher rules - I looked through the forum and a couple other people have had the same problem and there is no workaround that I saw.


Here is a thought - What if you utilized an observer rule - of course this only happens after an event but obviously someone will update or touch the ticket and then your conditions and actions can be met/triggered.


Another option - You could add another condition to your first rule "Service Pool West Hartford" such as "Category is Terminal Server" and keep the condition to "Match All of the below". Users submitting a ticket would have to pick the appropriate category (Terminal Server) but we have found most users do pick the right category.


You could try and make your most critical rule run first and then your observer rule run after. This may work based on internal process and how the ticket will be handled such as Level 1 first response, Assigned agent first response or next steps etc.


One thing to keep in  mind is that FreshService has been extremely helpful in making changes and adding features. So if you really need consecutive dispatcher rules you should request a feature and make a strong case for why it is needed so others can also agree and ask for the same change. Also worth noting - we actually requested a few very small changes when we first signed up and they were able to accommodate our requests very quickly to help us transition. A sales manager would be a good person to talk to from my experience.


I've the same issues, do we have any new solutions to resolve it.