Hide/disable custom/default fields

  • 17 April 2019
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Can I get Hide/ Disable actions for both custom and default fields in both Card and list view?

8 replies

same problem, there are useless fields that creates only messy

I’d like to hide urgency, source, impact, group

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Hello Gowthami & @MrM,


Freshdesk provides the ability to customize the table view of the ticket list view, at the moment. The customized table view allows agents to add or customize the default/custom ticket fields. This would help lookup the data agents need immediately, without having to view the ticket properties of each individual tickets.

Article for help: Customized Table View In Freshdesk



@MrM if you’re using Freshservice, as I can see from your request, you can hide those fields as indicated by @hemanth.ramya in the table view. But you can also hide those fields inside the ticket properties tab by creating a custom Business rule.

Admin → Business rule → Create new

Run: new or update module

Condition: Ticket Status is not empty

Action: Hide (list the fields you want to hide).

thanks, I already hide in the table view, my issues are:

  • hide fields when I create a ticket
  • hide fields in right bar with all filters

for example, I don’t use “groups”, “urgency” and “impact” but I have them everywhere

is it possible to hide? thanks

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Thanks for sharing your insights, @Nexus. The above suggested solution is applicable for Freshdesk too! :)

@MrM, for your requirement to hide ticket fields in new ticket page and ticket details page of the agent portal, you can make use of applications like Hide fields, Hide/Disable Ticket Fields. Links to get detailed insights on the apps:


@hemanth.ramya thanks but I’m using FreshService

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@rajagopal.baladhandayutham or @sanofar.allahpichai - You can maybe help @MrM on hiding ticket fields within Freshservice.

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Hi @MrM, In Freshservice, you can make use of the feature called Business rules which allows you to show and hide form fields based on conditions. You can refer to the solution article “ Create No-Code Dynamic Forms with Business Rules” for further information on this.

Please do reach out incase you need any further clarifications.