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  • 27 October 2021
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Hello All, 

is there a way to hide specific Menus like “Solutions’ or Service Catalog” in the header of the portal.

What is “menuitems” refering to in the following  Header code..

<ul class="topbar__tab-menu">
                {{#each menuitems as |menu|}}
                  <li class="topbar__tab-item">
                    <a class="topbar__tab-link topbar__link {{menu.class}}" href="{{menu.url}}" {{#if menu.external_image}} target="_blank" {{/if}}>



Thanks for your help !


Best answer by Glavin Crasta 1 November 2021, 07:53

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2 replies

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You can add this in the stylesheet to hide a menu item. ( the number refers to the order starting from 1)

header nav#main-nav .main-nav-items a:nth-child(1)




This is to hide from menu items that show up on left hand side of the portal. Hope this helps

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That’s great until you allow some solutions articles to be visible to not logged in users but restrict ticketing to logged in users. Then “n” varies depending on if you are logged in or not.


If you’ve edited the header code to include some hard coded menu tabs to appear after the dynamic ones, then your hardcoded once will disappear depending on what page you’re on and if you’re logged in.

It would be far better to be able specify a specific tab to be hidden.