How do i get a percentage for first time response in the last month of created tickets

  • 3 May 2022
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So this is a mix of how do i do this but also what i have created is causing a mixed result. I felt i had created an easy percentage result but from checking further it looks incorrect. I wanted to

  • get a percentage
  • From tickets raised last month
  • Show tickets from ‘ Tickets within first response SLA’

I believe this was correct but when i compared with first response sla violated there is basically a gap of 21% because it should tally up to 100% because you either hit the first response or don’t. The widget filter is below along with the metric used. This one is specific for incidents. 


Am i missing something 





1 reply

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hi @MartinDG - not sure if you’ve resolved this or not but just in case …

You can have both values showing as 2 separate (but related) metrics on a single widget.

Tickets within SLA


Can you share a screenshot of the metric for Failed to meet SLA?

I did some experimenting and it appears as though the canned filter “First response SLA violated” does not work.

Instead I created a metric for Tickets and set a metric filter as First Response Status includes “SLA Violated” or “----”  (aka null) - pls see below.

When I tested it gave me 1 = SLA violated and 1 = SLA met which is the expected outcome.



For some reason this ticket has no recorded data under the First Response Status - probably bc this ticket closed with no agent interaction being recorded.

Before you get alarmed, we use FS upside down as an outreach tool so this is not uncommon since the ticket originator is us although FS thinks it’s a customer - as a result, we cannot use any of the canned SLA metrics.