How do I switch who asked for a ticket?

  • 21 September 2022
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 Hello I just joined freshservice, so I'm still getting used to how the ticketing system works. I'm used to using Connect wise, Autotask, or other help desk software, so I'm a little confused by something I thought would be easy:


Many tickets are sent in by people who are not the main requesters. Joe might ask us to fix Mary's things in an email. Well, we won't be working with Joe. Instead, we'll be working with Mary, so I'll change the requester on the ticket to Mary.


I can't figure out how to do this in an easy way. I don't see a "edit" option in the "more" dropdown menu of the ticket.

I am an administrator on the system.

I'm willing to listen to any ideas.

Thanks ahead of time

1 reply




You should have an “Edit ticket details” option in the “more” menu. Here you should be able to change the ticket's primary contact. I have done this several times myself. It could be a bit less hidden though, since changing a contact is not that uncommon in my opinion.