How do you feel about freshservice?

  • 16 December 2014
  • 6 replies

I'd Like to talk to a few of you and see what your experiences have been with Freshservice after being a few months in at minimum.

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6 replies

While we wait for some of our awesome customers to reply, might i point you to a few short videos some of our customers have given us. :)

Why Judson University loves Freshservice -


Why Green Pastures Tech loves Freshservice -

How Judson University transformed their IT support using Freshservice -

There are some nice words and feedback from our customers at the bottom of this page as well -

Thanks! :)

Thanks, I was able to view the info you provided and speak with one of your current customers :)

Great! Let us know if you need anything from us. :)

It's an experience that varies depending on what you need.

The product itself works pretty well, I have few complaints with the system.

FS support on the other hand, is poor.

When we turn in a request for help, it is usually a couple days before we receive a response. Though, usually, once we're engaged we do get good help, even if that help is a suggested workaround to achieve what we want the system to do.

My last two support requests, trying to get invoices I need, has been horrible. I'm on day 8 with no invoices, and that's the definition of a simple request.

Hi Guys

As the Support Team member, I feel I must jump in to help out here.

I am sincerely sorry, Bill for the invoicing trouble. Finance/Accounts team handles the Invoice related issues and we are following up with them to help you out.

But I can assure everyone, Support Team's work is top notch and we ensure that we maintain the same standard in supporting our customers.

I will try to get the invoices and send them to you ASAP.

Once again, my sincere apologies.



Ben from Judson University here... we're big fans of Freshservice as you could probably tell from our videos :)

While there is still plenty of room for growth, there is nothing quite like the toolset that Freshservice offers on the market. Their development team is pushing out updates at a rapid pace and are mostly quick to respond to feature requests.

Bottom line - for a product that has been on the market for just a year it is leaps and bounds above any other service desk on the market. We used Spiceworks before moving to Freshservice and, for us, Freshservice has been well worth the cost. My team enjoys using it, which is half the battle. If they continue to develop Freshservice at the pace they are developing it now it will be very exciting to see where it is a year from now.

Hope this helps!