How do you forward tickets to 3rd party?

  • 11 September 2017
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When I forward tickets to 3rd party Service Desk solutions they will log the forwarded ticket as an email but change the subject line.  This is creating a massive headache as the reply will then open another ticket in Freshservice.

I am wondering how other customers work around this?



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2 replies

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Hey Kieth,

Sorry for missing this thread. 

I could see that in your issue- Replies from a 3rd party system are creating new Tickets after the subject line has been modified. Before we help you with the fix, let me explain the problem here.

We append a reply to a ticket if the reply email matches to any of the below params,


1. Ticket ID

2. Message-ID

and an additional check is:

if the sender's address is one of the following:

1. Requester's email address

2. ALL Agent's email address

3. Email address(es) in the CC

4. Email address(es) to which the ticket was forwarded

For the email to be threaded the condition is:

(A1 AND A2) AND (B1 OR B2 OR B3 OR B4)

Also, we look for hidden span ( [#INC-123]) in the reply and this would be available only if a user responds to the notification from Freshservice as the Notification would contain the Hidden Span.

As Philip suggested, Adding the [#{{}}] in the Agent reply template should help you but since the Ticket Subject is Changed in the third party so, you can suggest the Third party to Prefix the Ticket ID ( [#INC-123]) as a part of the Subject.

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I believe that Fresh Service is supposed to thread on a number of criteria, one of which being the presence of the incident number in the subject line.  You can have the system auto add this by going to Admin, Reply Templates and open up the Agent Reply Template (near the bottom). If then add [#{{}}] to the subject line all agent replies/forwards will include the reference.  Not sure if this will resolve your situation but definitely worth a try - please let me know!