How do you maintain Employee permissions across systems in Freshworks?

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We have built out each of our (many) roles in Employee Onboarding for our HR Department.  This is not inclusive, so I built out a dependent dropdown for their department for their other requests for Promotions, Moves, Changes, and Removals of Employees.  Even with that being built out, I find myself referencing the old excel file for role references.  I noticed you can add custom fields in the Assets category and thought of adding in the various pieces of software / programs we use there with all the different security levels, but then was not sure how they would link back to a ticket when needed to be referenced in one.

Is anyone managing Employee Maintenance?  I want to base tasks on the roles in the tickets?

For example, Employee A is moving positions so HR submits the ticket - they fill in the form they are changing from Role 1 to a Role 5.  It creates the ticket to you, and you see the tasks show the change between the two Roles - so they need their privileges increased, and more programs for their new role.  You can check each task off as you take care of it.

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