How Exactly Reports are Calculated

  • 14 September 2016
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With the helpdesk at a glance there are a number of categories such as average response, average first response and average resolution time etc.

I don't quite understand how some are calculated. Average first response is the first time we reply to a ticket (not a note etc) 

Just like to fully understand how they are calculated and how sometimes they slip so I can explain reasons to end user clients.

Also the received tickets, resolved tickets and backlog tickets don't always add up.

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2 replies

Also for example I'v run one and next to average response (I assume the average response of JUST agents or both agents and client ?) There is a Red arrow up 14%

So this is 19% up on last time ? When was last time as I've just run 3 months worth of reports so when is this up 14% of response time calculated and how.

Hi Mike,

Average first response time is calculated based on the very first response that is sent by an Agent to a requester, hence when you add a private note to a ticket it is not considered a first response.

Received tickets, resolved tickets and backlog tickets don't add up to total number of tickets because,

Received Tickets - Tickets created within span of time for which you generate the report.

Resolved Tickets - Tickets that are resolved within the specified time-frame, irrespective of when the ticket is created. i.e, even if the ticket is created last year and if it seem to be resolved in current mont (assuming you are generating report for current month) then the count is added to resolved ticket irrespective of created time.

Backlog Tickets - Tickets that are not in resolved/closed status irrespective of ticket creation date are backlog tickets.

Average response time is the time taken by Agents to respond back to a customer response.

Red up arrow denotes the increase in percentage compared to last month or same time-frame as you are currently generating a report for.

Feel free to write to for any questions or technical queries.


Mohammed Ammar N

Freshservice Support - Freshdesk Inc.