How's your IT self-service?

  • 25 April 2022
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Too many organizations still struggle with IT self-service. IMO it’s something that we need to be more vocal about, rather that sitting waiting for the capability to finally take off in employee adoption terms. Especially when the factors that prevent mass adoption are likely to adversely affect employees when they do use self-service.

What do you think hurts your self-service capabilities most? And what have you done to raise self-service adoption levels and the benefits?

2 replies

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I see the element of self-service becoming more and more important for larger organizations. I have struggled in the past to present the capabilities or functionality as a profitable solution simply because we don’t want to let go of that personal touch that comes with peer-to-peer customer service. But as times are changing we don't want to fall behind, so we have adapted some processes to include self-service options. Starting with a Customer Portal and a solid Knowledge Base. We also have added Chat support that carries a few bots for common responses. So I think we are in a good spot right now.


Intermediate I always think that I have to improve the services...