How to hide/remove Status options based on Category selected?

  • 28 September 2022
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I have a Business Rule that disables the custom status “Pending Remediation Validation” unless a particular Category/Sub-category is selected (see below). The problem is, this rule only seems to apply to the options for the main panel on the right side of a ticket’s detail page, and not for the Ticket-list view Status change option or for the Ticket Reply “Send and set status as...” option. The status still shows up in these two places, regardless of the ticket category. 


Any ideas?



Thank you.

3 replies

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@Corporate Ladder, under advanced settings do you have “enforce system-wide” enabled? I believe this will do what you are looking for. Note: that this condition will be enforced for API requests and other processes as well. 



@ggallaway Thank you for your reply! At the time of my original post, I did not have that option toggled on, and after enabling it, I see no change in the visibility of the Remediation Verification Status outside of the ticket detail side panel (see below).



Ticket list view:



Ticket Reply “Add and set as” option:



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Ok, I played around with this and you are correct. I would contact support as this doesn’t appear to be working as we would expect it too.