How to send an approval request to the requester in the Change Automator?

  • 22 September 2022
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I cannot figure out how to send an approval email to the requester in the Change Automator. I really need to be able to do this as the requester of the change needs to approve of the direction the change is going in. I can easily add approval request of individuals but since the requester will usually always be different I do not know how to accomplish this. Thank you for any suggestions you can provide!

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You could add a custom field in your change call it example: Contact person or approver. Dropdown  Source: all users
When the change is created the requester have select the one that should be contacted for approval. 

Then in your WFA you can send an approval using that field.  I haven’t found a way to set that field using a WFA, maybe can do it with a webrequest /API.