How to show updated field(s) data in an existing request?

  • 10 December 2019
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Greetings everyone.

I'm looking for a way for requesters to update an existing service request and for agents to see updated information on an existing open request form after changes are made by the requester.

A requester opens a service request which contains about 15 fields (dropdown, text fields, check boxes). Initially, they may not have all the information to complete each field. After submitting the form, I'd like to have a way for the assigned group/agent to see any new changes/edits that the requester makes after the original submission. Any ideas?

Or is there a better approach than the scenario above?

Thank you for any ideas.

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2 replies

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Hi Donna,  

We did not provide edit function for a user after submission of a service item as it may follow approvals and users may then change the values.  We could educate users to make use of reply/public note in the Ticket, with the updated value which could then be modified by Agents.  

We would suggest you to make such field mandatory and this will stop user creating tickets with in-complete information.  Or, if its a chain request, we could split it up and upon closing the first item, we could send an email to raise the next set of items through an automatic email notification or so on.  

Please feel free to reach out our support team and based on your usecase we would suggest the best solution.

Makes sense. Thank you.