Incident closed in Freshservice don't affect PagerDuty incidents

  • 24 April 2020
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Hello team,

May I request your assistance ?

We've been using your integration for PagerDuty for a while and everything works fine, except when a FreshService ticket is closed, the status of the Pagerduty incident remains "Triggered". (Actually 2451 triggered...)

Taking a look at the integration guide, especially the FAQ section: 

It specifies that a closed incident in FreshService should resolve the incident in PagerDuty. It's not the case here.

Except this one, all the other actions mentioned in the guide works.

It appears FreshService built out this integration in their platform and use the REST API to trigger and resolve incidents in PagerDuty.

Is there a way to see all the failed actions that occurred during this process ? Including api calls ?

I checked with PagerDuty team, they was not able to find any resolve requests via either API systems for closed ticket on FS. This would mean that either the request was never made to PagerDuty or the request failed before it reached PagerDuty.

Best regards,

Nicolas Charpentier

1 reply

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