Incident vs Request Category

  • 14 January 2019
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I've been over and over the topics and can't find what I need. We are forcing incident category when closing a ticket, the problem we are having is when a service request is placed the system is also forcing categories for these. Is there a way to separate the categories between the two so my techs are not choosing the wrong category? If not, how is everyone handling this process? I've tried several ways to handle this but am not happy with the way it's set now. Do you list both request and incident categories under the same item?

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1 reply

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Hi Shawn,

Looks, support team was able to help you out with a workaround by updating the Category to a dummy values for Service request through Automation. As both Incident & Service Request are categorized as Tickets hence the field properties are been checked when you try to resolve a service request.

I can suggest you an alternate solution too, we can now perform extensive enhancement using Custom Apps, maybe, you can write a App to show the Category just for Ticket type Incident which should also solve this out. Click here to know more about Custom Apps.