Incorrect Embed Value displayed in API v2 Tickets Documentation

  • 5 February 2019
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While reviewing the documentation on how to view a ticket in API v2, there is an error in regards to the Embed options when viewing a ticket.

In the Embed options table, the option for "requester" provides the incorrect include parameter and description. The value for the "include" parameter states "company" (which isn't an available option) and the description states using the value will return a list of tags (which has nothing to do with the requester).

In addition to this, the Embed options table doesn't list that "tags" is a value that can be used.

See the attached screenshot for what happens when you try to use "company" as the value for the "include" parameter.


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2 replies

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Hi Travis,  

Sorry for missing this.  

Looks like it's a typo error mentioning Tags as it has been referred to Company. I will have this passed to our team and get this corrected. Thank you for notifying us on the same.

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Hi Travis,

We have modified the API document as discussed above.

Once again thank you for notifying us on this.