Inline images not showing when creating a ticket through the API V2

  • 17 June 2019
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I was able to create a ticket through the api v2 with HTML content for the description. The html content has images inline, so I used base64 encoding to make them visible. However I can't see them, there is only the empty squares, not like if there is an error but just not showing at all.

When I use a Json viewer everything is perfect and the images are there.

My steps :

  • Export emails from a folder in Outlook through powershell.
  • Encode any inline attachment to base64
  • Create the body for the Post Request as hash table
  • Convert it to json and export it to a file (debuggin purpose)

Using the api directly from powershell tells me that there is a problem with the json, but if I send the Post request from Insomnia, it works so the json data is correct, passed it through different validators and it was valid

Are there any solution for the inline images when creating a ticket ?

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