Inventory Management with Licensing

  • 11 September 2019
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Hi - I'm hoping to clear up some questions we had since running against limits for inventory management.

1)  How long do items stay in the trash for?  We found some items there and restored them, but would hate to lose any data should the incident happen again.

2)  Our current process is to move items to a "retired" status when discarding them.  However, through support, we found that this number still counts toward our "Managed" devices since it still appears in the "Discovered Probe" or "Discovered Agent" count.  Again, we don't want to discard data - old workstations or servers could have associated events that we want to lookup in the future.  If the answer above is "indefinite" then we can modify our process to mark retired as "still in possession but not discarded", and then delete items once discarded.

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2 replies

To add on - another reason is that if we can't "retire" an item, then it's essentially counted forever, and I don't think that's quite practical as a "managed" item.  It wasn't clear in the articles I've read on how we should work with freshservice in this regard.   Cheers!

Hi Michael, 

Answering your questions, 

  1. The assets stay in the trash folder for an indefinite time period. We do not delete your data unless it has been manually done on your side. 

  2. Yes, you’re right. Retired assets need not be in the deleted state however, that is the only way to manage it for now. I will have this forwarded to the product team and get back to you with an update. 

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