Is there a way to import articles in a batch into the Knowledgebase?

  • 3 December 2021
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Transitioning to Freshservice, and we are trying to figure out a way to import KB articles in a batch.  Is there any tool within Freshservice to do this?

4 replies

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Hello ,


Greetings from Freshservice.

At the moment, we do not have a direct option to do a bulk import of articles into the knowledge base. 


One way is to use the Freshservice API’s to create solution articles in bulk in your Freshservice portal. 


Please refer to the following article for the same :


So, we would suggest you to email your queries regarding the import to and our support team will be on top of it to do the needful. 




Team Freshservice

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Another way to import articles to Freshervice is using a third-party migration tool. Freshservice supports a few apps, available on the Freshworks marketplace.


If you have your knowledge base articles in CSV, you can import them all to Freshservice along with attachments, categories, and folders. Just provide separate CSV files for articles and attachments. You can map article fields too.

Be sure to check sample CSV files to compare if everything matches.


Or you can use a third-party app to import articles directly from your source help desk to Freshservice. Note that folders and categories will migrate along with articles.

For more details, read on here.

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We went the CSV route and were able to migrate from another Knowledge Base. Be mindful that you may have to do some formatting after the migration. But it ultimately was worth that little bit of restructuring to have a large database of KB articles make their way into freshservice. Good luck @necorbin!


If you are imposing Salesforce Knowledge, one of the matters that you may additionally favor to do is to import know-how articles instead than growing it one via one in Salesforce. Importing understanding articles is one of a kind than importing documents in a standard/custom object the use of a facts loader device and is a bit tricky. But don’t worry. Now, right here is a step with the aid of step information to stroll you via the complete system and make it a breeze.