Issues with ITSM and IT support language?

  • 19 October 2022
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I’ve just been reminded about how much I don’t like the term “ticket deflection” in IT support scenarios. It always makes me think that customer/employee/end-user requests are unwanted rather than that self-help is the quickest and easiest way for them to receive what they need. It’s like the IT service desk is stating “go away, we’re too busy for this.”

What do you think about the term and which others make you think that their use misses the point of ITSM and IT support? Please share as a response.

1 reply

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The last few organizations I worked with it was more about IT Budget and not having full time IT staff. I’m constantly asked for metrics on SLA and Response times , issue resolution, etc.  When you dont have a full time IT staff and you have non-IT administrators trying to provide IT support or part-time one many band MSPs with many customers. SLA and Response times should not be in your vocabulary.