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How do you freshservice users out there handle tickets that you no longer have the purpose (GDPR) to store but want to keep the overall statistics for?

Is there any way to clean fields like subject, description comments, attachements but keep ticket type and catagorys for example?

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Hi Andres,

Hope you’re doing great and staying safe!

If a user’s profile and his associated data is no longer required to be present in the system, we can have this done by the use of “Forget User”.

If a user (i.e. An Agent or a Requester) needs to be forgotten, you can follow the below steps. Please note that this process can be only carried out by the admin:

  • The admin can visit the respective user’s profile page and select the option ‘Forget User’.


  • On selection of the option, a popup is displayed informing the admin of resulting actions and dependencies. 

  • On an affirmative action from the admin, the first step is to delete PII. This data is replaced with a tag called ‘Forgotten User'

The only difference here with regards to an Agent vs a Requester is that:

For Requesters : The system will check if the Requester was involved in any core helpdesk related activities like Approvals, Change requests, etc. If there are no core helpdesk activities, all related data such as tickets, notes and chats will be deleted. Core helpdesk activities of the ‘Forgotten user’ identified by the system will be retained.  

For Agents : None of the helpdesk related items will be deleted, activity data will be retained as is

Warm Regards,

Pranav B

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The case is not that we have former requesters or agents that´s wants to be "forgotten", for that we can use your option described above yes.

We as a company cannot store personal information longer then needed in our systems where freshserivce is one of them. So an overall function that can erase choosen ticket details after a given timeperiod and and save the most overall statistics about a ticket would solve it. 

There should be more EU/ESS users here that are in the same situation?

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Hi Anders,

Thanks for writing back :) 

Unfortunately, if the user is a requester we remove all the data within the given time period. If you need to have information of just the tickets, I would suggest you take a manual export and only include the information related to the ticket like Ticket ID, Status, etc and not select the fields related to PII like Requester Email, Requester Phone, etc

Warm Regards,

Pranav B