Keyword vs. Tag in Solutions

  • 29 September 2021
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When creating a solution article there is a field to enter Tags as well as a filed to enter Keywords.  I am trying to understand what the difference is between the two.  What do I use Tags for and what do I use keywords for?


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Hi @todd5903 , keyworks will help your users reach the articles better by showing the article if the user input has those keywords. For example if Article 1 has keyword VPN, then article would pop up in the portal when user searches for VPN or search has keyword VPN.

Tags is for internal purpose and you can add tags to know how many articles you are maintaining related to a particular type. For example articles related to security could have tag security. You would eventually be able to check on how many solution articles and tickets are there in the system related to a particular tag.

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This newer answer seems to go against this:


And then there’s this:


We opened a ticket about if they are deprecating Keywords and Tags fields:

​Freshservice still uses keywords to search, and here's a detailed article on how the keyword search works on each module.

Also, for solution articles along with the keywords we allow searching based on the title.  


Then I found this: 

“The title should contain the primary keyword(s) that the article is about.”

“Avoid relying on tags and keywords”