Knowledgebase embedded pictures scaled too much

  • 11 January 2018
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Hi, this is more of an issue rather than a feature request, simply because it's inconsistent for admins and end users.

If you embed a fairly large picture, for example a screenshot into a knowledgebase article, the picture get scaled so much it's unreadable on the portal for end users. The picture appears fine on servicedesk for the admin who embeds it.

Either the picture needs to be full resolution, or they need to be clickable where it expands to a less scaled or full resolution version of the image.

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5 replies


SysG. You make a good point. Although we can resize images by dragging the corners in, its inconsistent and only addresses part of the issue, especially when high-resolution images are involved.

Although a built-in solution would be ideal, I was able to implement a workaround to this issue in my own helpdesk. What I'm doing is using a few simple lines of HTML code to wrap my images in a lightbox, which makes the images pop open into a larger, expanded view when clicked.

I created an example article that demonstrates the lightbox function. Check it out and let me know if you're interested in using the code on your helpdesk.

Image Lightbox Demo - Solutions Article

Hi Ryan,

Very interesting, I didn't think of doing something like this and I'm definitely interested. I do change the picture  frequently so I'm not sure if would make this solution tedious?


I've managed to sort this. I just added the photo, grabbed the URL and used it within the article html. Made it scrollable too for very large images.

Thanks for that info!

Yes sir.