Linking solutions to tickets

  • 9 September 2021
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Is there a way to be able to link solutions to tickets (incidents or service requests)?

I know you can send the user the solution from within the ticket, but it doesn’t tie the ticket to the actual solution. If this was possible then it can demonstrate or validate the solution, report on how many times the solution had been used in ticket resolution etc.


I see you can link solutions to problems, but is that the only way?

2 replies

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Hi @peter.williams ,

You would be able to track on how many times a solution article was used under solutions section itself.

 You could also check feasibility on using tags. You would be able to go back and look at how many tickets and solutions are related to a particular tag under Admin → Tags


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I think knowledge could generally use several enhancements. For me, I think KCS or Knowledge Centered Service is the way to go and Freshservice is missing some key functionality.