Marketing copy approval process

  • 16 September 2022
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I am trying to help out our Marketing department and not sure if there is a way to utilize FreshService to track the work. The basic process is as below:

Marketing staff writes a proofing copy of a letter and currently sends an email to a list of employees who provide feedback through email replies. The feedback may include “looks good” which would be interpreted as an approval.

The marketing team would like to better manage these interactions so that they don’t have to track all the email responses and ideally they would also have record of who approved an item or setup more complicated approval steps (2-tier approvals, Majority, one, all, etc). 

Has anyone done anything like this before or have any thoughts around how it might function?

2 replies

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@ammarkb are you able to advise? Thanks :)

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@ggallaway Perhaps you could create a service request that would contain the document, then you could use workflow to route the service request through an approval process. Notes could be added to the service request indicating changes or edits that need to be made, etc. 

Might be a labor intensive to set up initially but I bet it could work. You could also get fancy and use some orchestration apps to help with document sharing and collaboration like the OneDrive and MS Teams Orchestration applications. Good Luck 😊