Merge Computers after change Operational System

  • 21 November 2017
  • 3 replies


When I format and reinstall my Operating System, and run the Agent, the System create a new Computer, duplicating the assets 

Can I merge the assets?

3 replies

I see that it has been 2 years since this suggestion was made, is there any answer? is it possible now? Still pending?

Hi Danillo and Kelly,

We now support for OS Imaging and Disk Swapping in the Discovery Agents for Windows Agent v2.6.0 onwards and Mac Agent v3.2.0 onwards.

You should not be facing any issues moving forward and you can always reach out to for assistance.

As for the option to merge assets, we shall have this recorded as a feature request and have passed it to our Product team. We will send updates on the ticket we raise.

I trust this helps!



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