Microsoft Outlook Emoji

  • 23 October 2015
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If someone sends a message from Microsoft's online email client and inserts an emoji, Freshservice can't handle the emoji image and we see this:

The rest of the message after the emoji is cut off (attachments included) and it seems to mess up the Helpdesk UI.

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3 replies

I'm having this same issue (albeit in Freshdesk) - was this fixed for Freshservice? And if so, could the fix be ported to Freshdesk quite urgently?

This happens quite often and is becoming extremely problematic.

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Hey Elizabeth/Andrew,

Sorry for the delayed response. 

We considered the usage of Emoji and rolled out an enhancement to support the same. 

Your account should now support Emoji. 

Can you do this to me too?

I'm having the same issue?

Why didn't you just give this to everyone? o.o