Missing operand expression builder trying to pull start date

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I am using the Employee Onboarding Module. In my workflow automator, I am trying to pull that start date and set 48 hours before it as the date the ticket is due. 

I was told by Freshservice that I need to use expression builder as so:

I have tried with _iso and without. I asked how that was an expression, and was told they’d submit a ticket for me and that should work.

I tried date(“{{ticket.onboarding_request.actor_1.cf_date_of_joining_iso}}”) and that didn’t work either.


Best answer by Daniel Söderlund 23 May 2023, 09:14

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It’s strange, my other issue also happened possibly because Freshservice doesn’t work with its own Employee Onboarding Module very easily. I even followed the directions here and I get either the Invalid return type error or missing an operator error.

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I checked example the automation that is the Timed event section. 

It looks like this, you need to select datetime for expected out put. 



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Oh my, it was a whitespace that was the problem I believe. Now it works with datetime or date. Thanks so much for your help.

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Now I have no idea. It started again and I changed nothing.