Moving other departments to Fersahservice

  • 29 April 2021
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Good Morning

We are looking at having other departments outside of IT start to use Freshservice  to capture their support requests.

I was wondering if others have done the same as do you have everyone on the same Freshservice tenant or under different ones?

Do you use a portal or one email address so just rules for multiple email address? 

1 reply

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We have recently moved across our GIS Team and Governance & Information Team to FreshService.

They are currently on the same Tenant with IT.

Users use the same IT Portal. 

GIS and Governance & Information have their own Category under Service Requests and their own Service Catalog items.

I have then created custom Objects for each Team that has their catalog Items listed and automatically sets the Category, Sub-Category, Group & Agent.

I have a separate Workflow for each Team that points to their Custom reader and sets all Ticket property fields accordingly.

We no longer accept requests via email, walk-up or phone. We encourage them to log everything through the Portal. Ofcourse there will always be some exceptions.

Hope this helps.


Jim Dumay