MSP Mode Email Notifications - Portal URL, Signature, Logo

  • 27 August 2022
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We recently switched our account to MSP mode to bring our sister company onto Freshservice.  After creating a new portal for them, any email notifications sent to Requestors from the new portal (new Company) have our original URL and company and not that of our sister company.


How can the {{ticket.url}}, {{helpdesk_name} and Email From display name be setup to match the portal that relates to the ticket?

2 replies

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Also wondering the same thing.


If one were to create separate portals for each customer, but the ticket URLs are all the default one, it defeats the purpose a bit.

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Hello @jeffh77 and @LukeAC 

If you navigate to Admin-->Email Notifications-->Agent Reply Template:

You can see Portal specific Ticket URL in the Insert Placeholders.


However, I’m unsure if the behavior for the Helpdesk Name applies to Single Account MSP.

Hope this helps!