Need to add a placeholder to a service request approval email

  • 20 January 2022
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Hello,  I would like to add a placeholder for all pending approvals as well as what I have below.  What would I add to make that work.  Main issue if we have one approval and then a pending if we add another approval the one we just added to approve does not see anything because its only the last approver at the moment.  Thank you,


1 reply

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Hi @ASciuto , 

Are you looking to send the previous approver details and comments to the other approvers who are yet to action on the approval? If so, we would not be able to send this to the pending approvers and we can maybe add a note to the ticket at each step using a workflow automator. However, even in this case the placeholder will return null value as its still waiting for an approval action.

Configuring multi level approvals might be a solution to this but we would need to see how many approvers are usually present in your current process and then go about configuring the workflows.