New ticket created when client reply's to ticket

Hey guys,

We have been using Freshservice for a while now and everything is great. Just a small (actually HUGE) detail... 

We have this client, and everytime she replies to any ticket, a NEW ticket is opened. This has caused us to have to merge tickets everytime she replies (and she is one of those stubborn clients). This is becoming taxing and we urgently need a way to solve this. Is this a configuration issue on our side?

This is the only detail stopping us from a full go live.


Alejandro Olryd

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Hi Alejandro,

Is your customer using Outllook as her email client?. If so, can you share us the version?.

We thread replies to tickets based on three things.

1. Ticket ID (#INC-123) in the reply's subject.

2. An implicit span tag (<span>) in the email body, which contains the ticket's ID.

3. Message-ID in the email header.

We look for either of these to thread the replies to their respective tickets. Also, can you share a screenshot of the ticket which actually was a reply to an existing ticket?


Is there a way to thread it only on the Ticket ID: (#INC-123)?  We use a variety of devices and clients and we're getting a LOT of new tickets when it should be tied to the thread.  Then we have to merge which causes confusion with the users.

Did you reach anything in that ?

Yes this is all set.  Thanks.  Works perfect now :) 


What is the solution, because we also have that issue... ?


Wondering also about the solution ?

What is the solution?  We are having the same problem.  Particularly when someone replies from an iPhone.

Oh lol - I thought this was the support ticket I had created lol.  

Here's what FreshService support asked / instructed:

Could you please confirm the email service provider your requesters are using in your domain? if it is Microsoft exchange server, i believe the duplicate issue is occurring the reply sent by the requester is coming in with a different message ID and so the system is considering it as new mail.


Could you please add -  [#{{}}] to the end of the subject in all the email notifications and try asking your requesters to send a email again.

Once I added the [#{{}}] to the end of the subject it kept everything together.  I'm not sure if they did anything on the back end but this is what fixed it for me.

Is there a way to automate the inclusion of [#{{}}] into the subject of reply emails?  We're getting the same duplication problem.

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Go to Admin, Reply Templates and open up the Agent Reply Template (near the bottom).  You should then be able to add [#{{}}] to the subject.

Thank you Phillip! This resolved our issue!