New tickets out of responses

  • 23 May 2018
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 Few times per day we receive new tickets which are created out of response to already existing ticket. We have to merge those with their original sources. The issue lays within HTML tags, what we have discovered in a following way:

1.       We use two kinds of Mail accounts – Exchange (Outlook) and MDX
2.       We supposed that new tickets are created from responses sent by MDX accounts
3.       We have created a ticket
4.       Two responses were send and both were saved correctly within one ticket record
5.       We have changed one option in settings of a mailbox -> Compose settings, where we disabled option "HTML Compose".
6.       Two another responses were sent -> new tickets were created.

DDoes anyone have any idea how to solve this?

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Hi Michal,

We append a new email to an existing ticket by looking out for the Ticket ID in the response or header. We wouldn't differentiate between plain text or an HTML.

I will create this topic to a support Ticket and will have this analyzed and addressed immediately.