Observer rule not working as expected

  • 28 January 2015
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I set the following Observer rule for user comments to re-open closed tickets: 

I see no reason for it not to work - and yet, when I tested it, the comment was added to the closed ticket, but it remained closed and no email notification was sent to the assigned agent.
Can this be because I used my own account to submit the ticket? (meaning I'm both the requester and assigned agent) or have I set something wrong with the rules..? 

Any help would be appreciated,

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2 replies

This was solved for me by support - apparently the issue was with testing from my own mail address (agent) while the rule was set to "ticket with these properties -- Requester". 

Testing with another user found the rule works as it is. 

Hi. Thanks for posting the resolution here, Michael! Hopefully, it will help someone who faces a similar issue.

We appreciate your time.

Have a good one