Okta SCIM integration (Effy)

  • 4 January 2023
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Greetings all,


I have been working with the Okta SCIM integration built by Effy for some time now.  I see that Location has been added as a mappable attribute as of today.  The trouble is that historically, Effy does not update their documentation to reflect any release changes.  Does anyone have a good list of all mappable attributes and their property requirements? (ie. exact attribute name and external namespace)  

I also recently emailed them regarding ampersands in department names not being synced.  I am trying to confirm if that is a bug or not.  We have cost centers like G&A or R&D as mapped values and they are not syncing properly.  

Azure AD, OneLogin, Okta SCIM Enhancements

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We've added support for syncing the Location, Department, and Secondary Email fields to our Azure AD, OneLogin, and Okta SCIM Apps.


I will say that it is disappointing to see Freshworks provide a release update for SCIM enhancements but provide zero documentation to support it.  The app integration documentation in Freshservice does not reflect any updates and Effy’s links to their app installation guide and attribute mapping doesn’t look to have been updated since it’s first initial release.

I’m hoping the Community has gotten more information that I have yet to discover.

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2 replies

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Quick update on this.  Effy sent me the Okta Field Mapping.  Here is the breakdown.  I also attached the details on syncing location that they provided.


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Also got an update on the ampersand issue as well:

We recently came to understand that the Freshservice API has an issue with assigning departments if the department name has an ‘&’ character. This has been brought to the notice of the Freshservice API team and they are investigating this.